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About Us

Our Mission
We provide hope, relief and support as we partner with individuals and families throughout their journey with dementia.

Our Vision
To be the guiding light for everyone impacted by dementia.

Our Values
Client Centred, Collaboration and Teamwork, Respect, Excellence, Honesty and Integrity

Exterior ASLM  

What We Do
Founded in 1982, ASLM offers a wide range of programs and services designed for individuals with dementia, their family and caregivers, health professionals, and the general public.

At ASLM, both the individual and the family are provided with support upon diagnosis and throughout the disease process.

Currently we employ 16 FTE/PTE staff members and 8 program facilitators on a contract basis. We also have a team of over 200 volunteers who help to run our education and support programs and services.

To learn more about ASLM and its vital importance to the community, view our award-winning video entitled 'Journey'.