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Walk Day Parking

The event will take place at Springbank Gardens (285 Wonderland Road South, London)

The entrance to Springbank Gardens is off of Wonderland Rd (beside the Rowing Club). You will see the sign for the Community Centre (205 Wonderland Rd), turn into that driveway and continue down the hill.

If parking across the street from the entrance to Springbank Gardens, please cross safely at the lights of the Springbank and Wonderland intersection.

We encourage you to car pool with your family and friends if at all possible. There will be a drop off area in the Springbank Gardens parking lot.

Shuttle Service: Shuttle service from the Storybook Gardens parking lot and the Springbank Park parking lot will be running continuously from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Pick up point will be at the intersection between the two parking lots at Springbank Gate (off Commissioners Road). Please note this shuttle is not wheelchair accessible (there is a wheelchair accessible parking by the bandshell)

Download the Parking Map Here.