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The Ontario Dementia Advisory Group (ODAG) is looking for persons with dementia to join their group!


The ODAG is a group of people living with dementia in Ontario, Canada. The ODAG was formed in 2014 with the purpose of influencing policies, practices and people that ensure that people living with dementia, are included in every decision that affects the lives of those with the condition.

As people with dementia, members of the ODAG have personal perspectives about dementia that no one else has.

Different types of opportunities for involvement includes:

  • Participation in round table discussion
  • Providing feeback on various websites, web pages etc
  • Assisting companies with product development
  • Leading or joining in focus groups
  • Media engagments 


All people with different abilities are encouraged to apply. Additionally, members who are restricted from attending meetings are also encouraged to apply, as videoconferencing is typically done.

For more information about the ODAG please visit their website, at ​