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A Safety Awareness Program for People with Dementia Who May Go Missing

Finding Your Way is a multicultural safety and awareness program that was created to assist members of the community, as well as people who interact with dementia on a regular basis. The Finding Your Way website offers resources to understand dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, tips to keep loved ones safe, and an online course to increase your knowledge on dementia. 

Did you know?

  • 3 out of 5 people with dementia go missing at some point, often without warning
  • 50% of those missing for 24 hours risk serious injury or death from exposure, hypothermia & drowning
  • The risks of going missing are greater when the community, caregivers or people with dementia themselves are unaware of the potentially severe consequences


To learn more about wandering, dementia, and gain access valuable resources, head over to the Finding Your Way microsite here.

Finding Your Way Tools and Resources here (available in multiple languages)