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This program is generously supported by the Sifton Family Foundation 

Learning the Ropes For Living With MCI


Learning the Ropes is aimed at community dwelling older adults experiencing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and their close family member/friend. The focus is on optimizing cognitive health through lifestyle choices, memory training, and psychosocial support.

MCI refers to cognitive decline, commonly involving memory, that is greater than expected for age but does not significantly reduce independence in carrying out daily activities.
MCI represents risk of future dementia. The overarching goal of Learning the Ropes is to influence this risk by delaying or perhaps even preventing dementia.

Learning the Ropes For Living With MCI is offered in collaboration with Baycrest and is facilitated by Registered Social Workers at the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex. There is a fee for this program of $150 for 2 participants ($75 per) and includes the Learning the ROPES workbooks each person receives.

A new Learning the Ropes session to be announced soon.

Learning the Ropes: Alumni 

The Alumni sessions are available to participants who have completed the initial “MCI: Learning the Ropes” program. These sessions focus on providing memory strategy practice, continued learning, guest speakers and renewed social engagement with other fellow participants.   

More information about Learning the Ropes: Alumni program, including dates for the next sessions available here. (PDF) 

Learning the Ropes: MCI Spousal Support Group

The Spousal Support sessions are available to participants who have completed the initial "MCI: Learning the Ropes" program. These sessions are for the spouse or care partner of the person diagnosed with MCI.

More information about the MCI Spousal Support Group sessions available here. (PDF)

View Dr. Jennie Wells'  "Before Pills..." presention to the Learning the Rope Alumni group here.