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"Before Pills ..."

A Presentation by Dr. Jennie Wells to the
'Learning the Ropes For Living With MCI' Alumni group .

We are beginning to see an abundance of research illustrating how relatively simple lifestyle modifications can help you maintain or potentially improve your brain health as you age.

This past June, the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex welcomed Dr. Jennie Wells, Associate Professor of Medicine at Western University and Geriatrician at Parkwood Institude to present  "Before Pills..' a compilation of some recent research findings on non-pharmacological approaches to brain aging. (The presentation has been edited into four sections with a total running time of 1 hour & 25 minutes * Click on the bottom right corner of each video player screen to enable full size screen)


 Part 1 - Nutrition                                Part 1.1 - Nutrition (continued)

Part 2 - Brain Exercise                           Part 3 - Physical Exercise

What is apparent from the many research sources stated by Dr. Well's is the strong evidence that lifestyle modification is a positive step to take as we age. Specifically, that a Mediterranean diet helps prevent dementia & vascular disease; exercise is a strong modulator of cognition with a protective effect; meditation is a health promotion practice that has a multimodal effect on brain health; and learning and doing new things is associated with brain health.

While there are no guarantees healthy lifestyle choices can prevent dementia, it’s never too late to make changes that could possibly help — or too early to start.