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 The Alzheimer Society has partnered with the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation to improve the Safely Home program, incorporating the best features of both Safely Home and MedicAlert services.


People with dementia may lose the ability to recognize familiar places, to communicate or to remember their own name or address. They may leave home, become confused and get lost.


MedicAlert Safely Home is a nationwide program designed to help identify the person who is lost and assist in a safe return home. Members receive an engraved identification (over 100 styles of IDs available including bracelets, necklaces, watches and more), which allows police and emergency responders to quickly identify the person who has wandered and bring the family back together.


Call 1-855-581-3794

  • to sign up for MedicAlert Safely Home
  • to update your existing record
  • for more information

Click here for the Medic Alert Safely Home Program website

Medic Alert Safely Home Registration Form Here (PDF)


FAQs for Medic Alert Safely Home