Board of Directors

Alzheimer Society
London and Middlesex

Laura Buchanan – Chair
Dr. Elizabeth Finger

Matthew Gianotti
Kathy Hibbert
Geoff Marsh
Kathy Nelham
Janice Qubty
Peter Regier – Past Chair
Anna Stolee

Lorraine Stubbert
Jessica Thomas
Wendy Thompson
Deb Weber
Linda Young

Carol Walters – CEO, non-voting
Debbie Sutton – Recording Secretary, non-voting

Alzheimer Foundation
London and Middlesex

Linda Smits – Chair
Peter Regier – Secretary/Treasurer
Jean-Paul Beker

Laura Buchanan
Jessica Thomas

Carol Walters – CEO, non-voting
Cathy Cherry/Debbie Sutton – Recording Secretary, non-voting


Dina Boone – Public Education Coordinator
Rose Brochu – Accounting and Operations Manager
Aaron Brown – Events and Communications Coordinator
Anthony Carapinha – Registered Social Worker
Cathy Cherry – Reception/Executive Assistant
Jennifer Hale – Manager of Volunteer & Social Recreation Services
Jami Finlay – First Link Care Navigator
Brooke Hurley – Registered Social Worker
Lesley Latchford – First Link Care Navigator
Jackie Long – Administrative Assistant
Tamara Nelson – Coordinator of Volunteers and Recreation Services
Nancy O’Regan – First Link Program Manager

Susan Oster – Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator
Jenn Pruder – Coordinator of Therapeutic Recreation Services
Leslie Rand –
Fund Development Manager
Alfred Scotland –
Intake Coordinator

Hannah Singer – Enhancing Care Counsellor
Debbie Sutton – Executive Assistant/Receptionist
Carolyn Underwood – Registered Social Worker
Carol Walters – CEO
Brittan Williams – Registered Social Worker
Michael Wojtowicz – Donor Database Officer
Bruce Wray – Communications Manager
Paul Yost – Registered Social Worker

For a paper copy of the Annual Report, please contact Leslie Rand.
A copy of the complete financial statement is available from the Alzheimer Society upon request.