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Welcome to AlzSWP’s Care Partner Support Space.  You can navigate through our new Take What You Need self care section, view tips and strategies to help you out while you are in the home and access our Support Groups!  

Be sure to check out our new What Your Social Worker Wants You To Know section for helpful information and resources directly from Alzheimer Society social workers.

We hope you find a space that can help you through these unexpected times.

Take What You Need

Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Self-care is necessary to ensure that you as a care partner maintain good health, produce positive feelings and stay motivated. Your needs are important. Keeping up with your own hobbies, interests and activities is essential. This page is dedicated to you as a care partner, ensuring that your cup is always full.

Daily Themes

Gratitude Garden – Let’s practice gratitude to ourselves, appreciate good things, and be in the moment. Journal prompts, breathing exercises, reading resources and more can be found here!

Brain Power Center – Sudoku, dance classes, recipes, trivia and more are some exercises found here to keep our brains active and sharp!

Education Station – “You learn something new every day!” Check out this page for fun facts, links to documentaries, and puzzles.

Creativity Corner – Create with the heart, build with the mind. Grab your paint brushes and let your creativity flow with lots of great activities and projects!

Adventure Avenue – Escape and the breathe the air of new activities and places. Find activities such as travel diaries, scavenger hunts and exercises here to let your mind explore.

July 25 – 31

Gratitude Garden


    • This week, lets focus on exercising self-compassion. Too often do we focus on our perceived failures, and forget to extend the same care and forgiveness we give others to ourselves. From Positive Psychology: “Having self-compassion means being able to relate to yourself in a way that’s forgiving, accepting, and loving when situations might be less than optimal”
    • Read ‘How to Practice Self-Compassion: 8 Techniques and Tips’



    • Self-Compassion from the School of Life
    • Kristin Neff: The Three Components of Self-Compassion



    Try out any of these self-compassion journal prompt exercises:

    • List 10 things you like about yourself, write an entry for each of those things
    • What is one expectation you have of yourself that you can stop pressuring yourself to meet?
    • In what ways can you be more gentle with yourself? Write down 3 of them.


    Inspirational Quote of the day presented by Pinterest

    Brain Power Centre


    • Answer to last week’s riddle: Saber is taking a nap, ­Ginger is getting her ears scratched, Nutmeg is ­going for a walk, Pepper is burying a chew toy, and Bear is playing catch.


    • Check out Word Search Puzzles at, with hundreds of puzzles from different themes and difficulties!



    • Why can’t governments print an unlimited amount of money? from Jonathan Smith, presented by TED-Ed


        Adventure Avenue


        • Forest of the Golden Monkey, from National Geographic:
        • “Meet China’s most affectionate and vocal monkeys in the remote, seasonal forests of Central China. Follow the journey of a baby Golden snub-nosed monkey during the first year of her life as she learns all about her forest home and battles the elements to survive.”


        • What Are Invasive Species? From Live Science


        • Check out the picture of the day at National Geographic



        Creativity Corner


        • Try out these self-directed art lessons from With plenty of free modules and activities available!



        • While many museums have recently had to close their doors, many now offer a virtual experience.
        • Take a look at National Museum of Nature and Science, located in Japan.
        • “Established in 1877, the National Museum of Nature and Science boasts one of the richest histories of any museum in Japan. It is Japan’s only nationally administered comprehensive science museum, and is a central institute for research in natural history and history of science and technology.”



        • Greatest Hits Golden Oldies – 60s & 70s Best Songs – Oldies but Goodies

        Education Station


        • Browse thousands of free online courses from top universities at and expand your knowledge in any domain!



        • Standing Pilates for Seniors- 30 minutes of exercise to Improve Strength & Build Confidence by The Girl With The Pilates Mat


        • “From a sound, rising from a marsh in South Carolina to the estuaries of New York to the darkest part of the ocean, we go in search of the limits of human knowledge.”

        Please Note:

        We ask that you make sure when you participate virtually in exercise programs you take care to create a place that is clutter-free and safe for you. Make sure you have proper footwear and the area is clear.

        Also, please only participate as much as your body feels comfortable – this is intended to be a program to gently move your body – so don’t push yourself beyond what feels okay. If you’d rather not participate but want to just be here and watch, that is totally fine too!

        What Your Social Worker
        Wants You To Know

        Caring for someone living with dementia often means taking on many different roles.

        The social work team wants you to know how important it is for you to take care of yourself and show yourself compassion. Below are resources for self care, self compassion and ongoing support. As the old saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

        To view previous tips, head to the archive.

        Caring for the Care partner- This guide looks at the role, health and well being of care partners:

        McCormick Dementia Services right here in London have some great videos with practical tips and strategies for care partners: 

        Care Partner

        Support Groups

        Click the links below to get information about the support groups available in your county.

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