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Brain Matters is a new webinar series dedicated to bringing awareness and education to matters of aging and brain health. 

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Series Schedule


Evaluating Progress: Reasons for Hope in Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Sharon Cohen

  April 13th, 10 AM



We are at a transformative time in Alzheimer’s disease with new diagnostic technologies and disease modifying therapies on the horizon. This talk will share important recent developments in Alzheimer’s research and explore the challenges we will face in preparing our healthcare system to meet the demand.

Dr. Sharon Cohen

Neurologist and Medical Director @
Toronto Memory Program

Speaker Bio: Dr. Sharon Cohen is a neurologist and the medical director of Toronto Memory Program, a community-based medical facility for diagnosis and treatment of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Dr. Cohen is known for her excellence in patient care, teaching, advocacy, and clinical research. She is a consultant and advisor to a wide range of stakeholders in the field of dementia and is passionate about improving outcomes for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease in a practical and meaningful way.

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