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Revisit some of our past webinars and Speakers Series – all featuring valuable information and resources on the dementia experience. 

On Demand Video of the Week

Dementia: The Basics with Dr. Borrie

Learn more about dementia including the diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia etc.) that can cause a broad range of symptoms.  Find out when a visit to the doctor may be warranted and what to expect. Learn about risk factors for dementia and how we can lower our risk to keep our brains healthy. You’ll also hear the latest updates on research and opportunities to participate.

Guest Speaker: 

Dr. Michael Borrie is a Geriatrician at Parkwood Institute, St. Joseph’s Health Care London.  He is the Medical Director of the Aging Brain and Memory Clinic and Researcher with the Cognitive Clinical Research Group


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