November 19th, 2019

Best Western Lamplighter Inn,
591 Wellington Rd, London
8:30AM to 3:55PM, Registration begins at 7:30AM

The Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex proudly presents our annual conference to educate and inform clients, healthcare professionals and those living with cognitive impairment.

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Sex, Drugs & End of Life Care
Ethical Realities of Dementia

This year’s conference will tackle the ethical taboos in dementia care – sexuality, drug use and the ethics of end of life care. These topics are hot button issues that many avoid discussing, despite their crucial role within the dementia care realm. The goal of the day will be to give you an understanding of the issues from both sides, discuss their place in dementia care and explore their possible solutions.

Our 4 session day will include:

Ethics in Dementia 101 - Keynote by Launa Elliott
Kick off the day with an overview of ethics in the context of aging and living with dementia. What is the value in looking at difficult topics through the lens of an ethicist? How can ethical principles guide us in open and constructive conversations?
Drugs – Cannabis, Alcohol and Polypharmacy Panel
Learn more about dilemmas related to the use, and misuse, of drugs (including alcohol) from our morning moderated panel. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis and the more frequent use of cannabis in the medical context, how do we sort out fact from fiction based on current research? What are the possible effects and considerations when substances are used in isolation or in combination by persons living with, or supporting someone with dementia?
Sexuality and Dementia - Keynote by Dominique Williams MSW
Let’s talk about sex. Companionship and physical intimacy are normal human needs. People living with dementia are no different. Dominique will touch on topics including: attitudes and beliefs, common myths about sexuality and aging, intimacy vs. sexuality, how dementia might affect a partner, how dementia might affect sexual behaviour, broad/general strategies for behaviour (for healthcare providers; for family members, etc.), capacity/consent overview and resources available for different audiences.
End of Life Care and Ethical Dilemmas Panel
Hear a broad range of perspectives on approaching the end of life with dementia from our afternoon moderated panel. From an ethical to a legal view; from palliative considerations to considering medical assistance in dying. As always, how do we respect the dignity of the person with dementia at the centre of the discussion?