Social with a Purpose

About Social with a Purpose

As social distancing and physical isolation became a part of our daily routines, we began to understand the overwhelming feelings of loss and loneliness being separated from the community can bring us—feelings that people living with dementia experience in their normal, day-to-day lives.

Host a virtual social gathering fundraiser that promotes the importance of socializing, staying in touch, and building strong, positive relationships while being apart.

‘Kili Kickin’ Dementia’ raised funds for ASLM by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Sam Joseph

Online fundraising has advantages.

  • Provides donors with a fast and secure method to give.
  • Provides donors with instant electronic tax receipts.
  • Can increase event donations. Did you know that online donations are typically twice that of offline donations?
  • Allows people to share why they are raising money for the Alzheimer Society through personal web pages.
  • Provides easy access to information about event logistics.

Interested in hosting an offline fundraiser?

Download our community fundraising agreement and contact: 
Aaron Brown, Events and Communications Coordinator at or call 519-680-2404 x 226.

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