Virtual Social Recreation

In light of everyone being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, here at ASLM we wanted to provide some ways for people living with dementia and their care partners to stay positive and engaged!

Visit our website each day for different recreation activities and videos from our staff here at ASLM. 

We want to continue to support our clients even when we can’t see you everyday.  We have put together a wide range of activities to keep you movin’ and groovin’ in the safety of your own home. 

We hope you’ll join us!


September 27 – October 3




















  • Day Trip Tuesday “Virtually”-

Join the Crocodile Hunters son Robert Erwin on a tour of the Australian Zoo.






    Pick your favourite activities from the week, or any that you missed! Come back on Monday for a new set of activities for the week.

    Want to access last week’s activities?

    Head to our Virtual Social Recreation Archive.

    Please Note:

    We ask that you make sure when you participate virtually in exercise programs you take care to create a place that is clutter-free and safe for you. Make sure you have proper footwear and the area is clear.

    Also, please only participate as much as your body feels comfortable – this is intended to be a program to gently move your body – so don’t push yourself beyond what feels okay. If you’d rather not participate but want to just be here and watch, that is totally fine too!

    Do you want a way to “Stay in Touch” or feel connected from the comfort of your home?  Check out this initiative!  Stay in Touch is a website where people can submit creative, fun, and engaging videos to bring a smile to viewers faces.  Let us know what you think!

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    Thank you to our sponsors and funders for supporting us
    and our families during this time of change

    Why is Social Recreation Important?

    Social stimulation for people living with dementia and their care partner is important as it promotes and enhances social connections, engagement and intellectual stimulation. This is especially important during social distancing when everyone is more at risk of isolation.

    Some daily activities courtesy of
    Activity Connection and Golden Carers

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