WOW, The Brain Matters

Gail Elliot – November 10th, 2020

Explore the connections between “brain, life story, environment and behaviour”, and why we should focus on a person living with dementia’s strengths, not weaknesses. 

Speaker Bio: Gail Elliot retired from McMaster University in 2012 with a vision of changing the face of dementia. With a focus on enabling abilities, she launched DementiAbility Enterprises Inc. Gail’s evidence-based, multidisciplinary education and resources have been adopted internationally, and are helping individuals, teams and organizations to become exceptional leaders of change in dementia care.

Gail’s many and diverse resources and educational programs focus on the connections between the brain, life story, environment and behaviour. Gail leads with depth, passion and compassion.

She invites you to join her team as we all work together to put multidisciplinary research into action. Check out her website at to explore the many resources she has created for professionals, caregivers and individuals living with dementia.

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